Custom Software Development

There are no two companies in the capital market domain with the same view and the same requirements to the software. Custom Software Development is often considered as a preferred choice to off-the-shelf solutions or products in companies staying on top of the market.

If you are thinking about custom software which suits your specific needs you have to :

  • Ensure you have a relevant resources in place
  • Your resources have appropriate expertise
  • You have to invest on R&D to make sure your custom software solution is competitive
  • Invest into your staff training learning activity!
  • Take a risk, that your project will do what it supposed to do and is competetive
  • General rule is, if you want to do something right you would do it in your third attempts!

New approach for Custom Software Development

We offer new approach for building custom software solutions!. We are investing a lot in our infrastructure R&D and we are building our own proprietary set of well designed, tested and reusable components, what we are giving to customers for free! Even more, in some cases we are committed to build common infrastructure components absolutely free of charge! Which is about 70%-80% cost saving compare to building similar custom solutions internally?

  • Why FalconSoft Ltd?

    Custom software development with FalconSoft Ltd is often a matter of building a house upon a solid foundation.

    FalconSoft Ltd professionals spent many years building Custom Software Solutions for different industries, sectors and we've leveraged a broad range of technologies, techniques and software development processes. We've refined our software development life cycle, technology stack and professional background over the years, which is helping us to build custom software quickly and with top-notch quality designed to meet client needs.

  • Our Expertise

    FalconSoft Ltd offers a wide range of technologies expertise for building Custom Software Components for :

    • Rich desktop, web or mobile User Experience (UI, UX);
    • Enterprise level distributed systems with demanding complexity(SOA, EMS, ESB)
    • Grid Computing
    • Business process work flows complexities
    • Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting
    • Data Warehousing solutions
    • Off-the-shelf system integration components
  • Engagement Model

    Normally, we design and implement Custom Software Components in stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the specifications. Especially the first phase in the software development process involve a collaborative work with clients.

Nearshore Outsourcing Services


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Consulting Services

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System Support


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