FalconSoft Data Management Suite FAQ

What is FalconSoft Data Management Suite?

FalconSoft Data Management Suite is a robust enterprise data management and analysis platform, designed and built by FalconSoft to significantly speed up and simplify development of real-time data management solutions within an enterprise.

It includes following parts :

  • FalconSoft Data Server - represents a new approach to data integration and data virtualization technology, built with unique event driven paradigm
  • FalconSoft Data Console - is a simple client what expose all main operations with console interface
  • Reactive Worksheets - generic and customizable GUI as an alternative to MS Excel but much more controlled, secured, manageable and with real-time support.

What data FalconSoft Data Management Suite can work with?

FalconSoft Data Management Suite can work with any kind of data stored in any system, file or database as well as it can persists its own structured data sources.

Can I connect to the analytics (service) and join results to the real-time data feed?

Of course, this is core functionality, what allows you to subscribe to real-time data feeds and recalculate your analytics every time new data arrive.

Why should I connect my files, database or any other system to FalconSoft Data Server?

The main point about FalconSoft Data Server is to keep your data and data sources up to date, in sync and notify about changes

Effectively you will benefit from:

  • Single access point to all your data. Standardised way to deal with data.
  • Real-time data consolidation (joining things together regardless the source or shape of data)
  • Another layer for data modelling
  • Data integrity and consistency
  • Security and control
  • Advanced search facility

How would FalconSoft Data Server ensures query performance?

There is no silver bullet for performance. However, we managed to optimise queries. We do know how users are consuming data and we have smart algorithms what are improving performance on a fly, based on user consumptions.

Can I visualize huge data sets (more than 1 million records) in Reactive Worksheets

Even though, normal worksheet is limited to 100k records, but you can still easily create Aggregated Worksheet to get feel of your data and then create number of filtered worksheets.

Can I connect to FalconSoft Data Server with my custom application?

Yes you can have full control on data from your custom applications. Same way as Reactive Worksheets does.

Can FalconSoft Data Server be integrated into my custom ESB?

Yes you can. We know that companies may already adopt enterprise communication technology (e.g. Tibco, RabbitMQ, ServiceStack etc). So, FalconSoft Data Server can support any technology with push notifications.

Can I integrate a custom dialog?

Yes you can.

Can I have custom validation rules?

Yes you can.


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