FalconSoft Data Management Suite Use Cases

How the FalconSoft Data Management Suite can help you streamline your processes and deliver operational improvements:

  • Price Master / Blotter (Portfolio Management)

    FalconSoft Data Management Suite provides a single point of access to all data sources. This is particularly useful for pricing of complex portfolios, where managers need to draw upon multiple internal and external data sources. FalconSoft Worksheets can be used to visualize any data source, either separately or in consolidated views, helping to eliminate the data silos that can introduce risk, waste valuable resources and create unnecessary costs for organizations.

  • Post-Trade Credit Risk Control

    Managing the post-trade output of multiple trading systems, across and within asset class segments, represents a major headache for financial institutions. FalconSoft Data Management Suite can consolidate data sets from multiple trading systems in a flexible and consistent way. Its responsive GUI handles updates as soon as data arrives from another user or data source, and the clear separation between data and UI allows creation of multiple views referencing the same real-time transaction data, supporting consistent underlying data for business and risk analysis.

  • Rapid Application Development for Data Modeling

    FalconSoft Data Management Suite can provide a collaboration framework that ensures your development team delivers efficiently and on-time. Our lightweight permissioning system and Data Virtualization Layer ensure controlled sharing of information across teams, supported by rapid data discovery across all data sources, internal and external. Because FalconSoft Worksheets directly reference data and services in real time, teams can enjoy extensive customization for modelling of real data with the assurance of full audit trail and data validation.

Other use cases in financial services include :

  • Risk Analytics and Reporting.
  • Reference Data Management.
  • Market Data Management.
  • Trade Repository.
  • Bi-Temporal Data Models
  • Trade Capture
  • Systems Consolidation & Streamlining
  • ...




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