FalconSoft Data Management Suite Features

The FalconSoft Data Management Suite has been moulded to fix industry-specific problems. That means we’ve crafted numerous features to ensure that it meets all your business needs to provide a complete data solution


FalconSoft Data Management Suite is a sophisticated enterprise data management and analysis platform that gives a coherent, consistent and holistic view of enterprise data sets, business processes and business workflow, whatever the data source –database, proprietary or legacy system, or even real-time external feed or analytics.

A robust platform that allows advanced data analysis, modification and sharing of enterprise data. Seamless integration with proprietary systems and Business Intelligence solutions, allows analysts and decision makers to avoid the risk of uncontrolled ad hoc flat files and Excel spreadsheets.

Worksheet Systems

Worksheet Systems is online database software that allows anybody to build web database application in a secured and controlled environment.

Worksheet Systems is a cloud based service provided and managed by FalconSoft Ltd. Check it out:

Reactive Worksheets

Reactive Worksheets offers a single point of access to all data sources within an enterprise in real time, helping to eliminate the data silos that often introduce risk, waste valuable resources and create unnecessary costs for organizations.

We offer tools to visualise any of your data and/or service source separately or in consolidated views – in real time, and in a flexible and consistent way.

FalconSoft Worksheets is poised to match and exceed the flexibility and usability of Microsoft Excel, while providing users with a manageable environment for collaboration across the enterprise. To start, we’ve built rich, extendable desktop application, with web and mobile versions coming soon.

Our goal is to provide a viable, manageable alternative to MS Excel, giving capital markets users a fit-for-purpose, secure and controlled analytical tool.

Reactive Spreadsheets

Reactive Spreadsheets is a MS Excel plugin what allows business users to access/modify data in a flexible and familiar but controlled way.

Data Visibility & Analysis

  • Responsive real-time GUI

    Get updates as soon as data arrive either from another user or from data source

  • Data & View Segregation

    Clear separation between data and UI adds you ability to create multiple views referencing same real-time data sources.

  • Connected Data Source management

    Convenient view and modifications of connected data sources.

  • Permissioning

    Lightweight permissions facility to share and control your information.

  • Search facility

    Allows you quickly find information you need

RAD style customization

  • Worksheets

    Similarly to MS Excel Spreadsheets, you can create worksheet that suits your specific needs, but referencing real-time data and services sources directly, instead of copying data

  • Columns customization

    Select columns and rows you want to get from the specific row and customize them with colours, display formats.

  • Row Filters

    Specify filter you like to see and data will be filtered far on the server

  • Data Validations

    Enforce data integrity and clarity with UI. Reactive Worksheets automatically recognize and enforce integrity of meta data from a FalconSoft Data Server.

  • Drop downs facility

    We offer multiple types of customizable combo boxes for user convenience and of ease data modifications.

  • Extensions

    You can define your own validators, converters, dictionaries and even custom data sources with C# and/or IronPython scripting code

  • Meta Data Management

    Admin console to manage and model FalconSoft Data Server’s metadata.

FalconSoft Data Server

FalconSoft Data Server is a scalable & high performance information server what enables following :

  • Data Virtualization

    Virtual data integration layer that turns multiple data sources into unified and consistent data sets available to applications in real-time.

  • Versioned Data Repository

    Versioned data control system to keep track on changes on your data.

  • Full Audit Trail

    Tells you who changed, what changed and when changed.

  • Real-time updates of connected sources

    Ensures consistency and integrity of your data sources or services

  • Joining Multiple Disparate Real-time Data Sources

    Another layer to define relationships between disparate data sources. So, you can easily cross reference real-time market data feeds, with your proprietary risk system and write your own comments.

  • Permissioning

    Control access to your data and monitor usage

  • Instant Data Search

    Is an instant search service, what helps you to find your data quickly and easily.

  • Real-time Notifications

    through a consolidated enterprise message bus we are streaming events to the consumers and to the original source.

  • Data Validations Pipelines

    Ensure clean data sources.

  • Source standardisation

    Whenever it is database, real-time data feed internal or external analytics we can integrate them easily to Data Virtualization Layer.

  • Data Source Inheritance

    Any data source can be extended / enriched with other data source fields without changing parents



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