Software Outsourcing

More and more businesses are outsourcing software development to improve their bottom lines, reduce time-to-market or access new skills required by an IT industry in constant evolution. They recognize that many of the functions that an internal IT department provides, including software development, can be done equally well -- if not better -- by external partners at significantly lower cost.

Why choose FalconSoft?

Companies are choosing FalconSoft as a trusted software outsourcing partner, because we are :

  • Trusted

    We are trusted technology consultancy in the city, financial services companies relying on.

  • Experts

    We are experts in this field. We have many years working in software development. industries covering most complex and demanding verticals, including capital markets.

  • London based.

    We can attend regular meetings and requirements gathering sessions with you.

  • Cost effective.

    Our industrialized approach to software development and our eastern European nearsourcing facility will allow you to save money without sacrificing quality.

  • Agile.

    We adopted well proven agile methodologies what actually works well even for most dynamic organisations

  • Available.

    We do have a team of .Net developers available to start working in your project immediately!

FalconSoft was set up to help businesses leverage the advantages of outsourced software development in these key areas:

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Enterprise application integration and development
  • Big Data projects

Our highly trained software engineers are skilled in a wide range of methodologies, development environments, languages and platforms

FalconSoft Value Proposition

FalconSoft offers bespoke software development solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs in terms of cost, quality and skills.

Our developers, whether working alongside your own personnel or from our nearshore software development centre, share your vision and objectives and work as part of a single team.

We aim to foster collaboration, skills sharing and technology transfer, if required, so ensuring that your existing IT staff preserve and develop core software development competences.

Technical Skills

FalconSoft software engineers have experience delivering software for many different industry and sectors using a broad range of technologies. Specific skills include:

  • Desktop GUI Technologies

    WPF/MVVM, Winforms

  • Web Technologies

    Asp.Net, Silverlight, HTML5/JS, AngularJS, PHP

  • Communication and Messaging

    WCF, WebApi, SignalR, MQ, NServiceBus & MSMQ, Tibco RV, Rabitt MQ, WebApi

  • Parallel Programming, Multithreading

    TPL, PLINQ, Traditional .NET Asynchronous Programming, Reactive Extensions(RX), Async/Await

  • SQL Databases and ORM

    SQL, Oracle, Sybase, ADO.NET, Entity Framework

  • NoSQL & Big Data technologies

    MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop

Flexible Engagement Models

Thanks to our use of agile methodologies, our industrialized approach to development and our Eastern European nearsourcing facility, FalconSoft can not only save you time and money, but also reduce the risk and complexity of outsourcing software development.

We offer various engagement models for software development, which can be modified or combined to achieve the mix that works best for you.

  • Onsite-Offsite balanced model

    This is a collaborative partnership model that effectively balances onshore and nearshore resources to deliver maximum value and close collaboration.

  • Dedicated nearshore team

    We supply you with a dedicated team of IT professionals at our nearshore centre and using an engagement plan that caters specifically for your needs. The result: high-quality people at very competitive rates.

  • Time & materials

    This “pay as you go” model is best suited for long-term projects, particularly those in which you are unsure of the resources that may be required or those that don’t yet have a budget allocation.

Nearsourcing Center

FalconSoft’s nearshore IT outsourcing capabilities are based in the university city of Lviv in western Ukraine. Lviv, sometimes dubbed the Ukraine’s “little Paris”, is home to over 25% of country’s IT specialists, allowing FalconSoft to access a vast pool of software engineer talent at highly attractive labour rates.

FalconSoft Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales #08135271, with an office in London and nearshore development center in Lviv, Ukraine


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