Software Development Services

FalconSoft provides complete project management and coordination for your system development, from early analysis to deployment through implementation. Our combination of sound expertise in financial services software and solid technology background, means we have solved many of the problems you are struggling with, and can apply our experience to your situation quickly and efficiently.

What's more, we have developed our own proprietary repository of reusable components, which we make available to our consultants and our clients' own teams.

All of our consultants pass through a rigorous technical interview process. We hire only exceptionally talented software developers, architects, QA and other technology professionals, which means you can be sure of the quality of our work. Our consultants won't be learning technologies on your project!

Furthermore, you no longer need to deal with recruitment hassles and fees, since these are absorbed by Falconsoft, allowing you to focus on the final decision about the consultants you use.

Over the years working for different financial institutions we have built a wide stack of best practices, proven frameworks and technological agility, that will enable us to deliver results quickly and significantly increase turnaround time.

Key Areas we cover :

System/Software Architecture

Our consultants have many years experience in building a solid, reliable and scalable enterprise level software. We do understand and respect best software design and development principles and we are best fit to advise, design or implement following:
  • Modular and Component based software design with holistic, coherent and scalable view on front to back infrastructure.
  • Building responsive, rich and convenient user interface with latest cutting edge Microsoft technologies : WPF/Silverlight/Asp.Net/HTML5.
  • Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI) and analytical solutions
  • Reliable, performant and coherent middleware with messaging technologies: Tibco, MSMQ.
  • Holistic, complex and transparent business processes with WF foundation and/or Biztalk
  • Reusable components libraries with Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern, such as MEF, Unity Container, String.Net
  • Data Modeling, Data Harmonization with holistic view to the whole organization.

Excel Spreadsheets & 'Tools' Consolidation

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet has become traders' undisputed tool of choice for financial modeling, pricing calculations, and managing risk. The fact is that capital markets institutions depend crucially on Excel spreadsheets for designing and processing, calculations to support trading decisions. Every working day, institutions including brokerage houses, investment banks, asset and wealth managers, and hedge funds use Excel to analyze risk, value portfolios, set product pricing, run simulations, and make business decisions. All over the world, capital markets firms use Excel to develop new instruments, from equity derivatives to structured credit products.

The main danger with spreadsheets for every organization is that they are running out of control, creating operational and financial risks and posing problems for security and regulatory compliance. Sometimes you can find many vitally important curves sitting on dozens spreadsheets across many desks. Unhandled issue may cost firms a millions in operative losses.

FalconSoft Ltd consultants have proven number of times that custom applications are faster, more reliable and well integrated with up/down stream proprietary systems. But, in order to achieve this ambitious goal, we are well equipped to design, develop and deploy a proper UI framework and back end infrastructure in-place.

GUI & Client Side Development

Design and build rich, flexible easily maintainable client applications & GUI is vitally important for every single solution. Either it is data visualization or process visibility or interactive entry solution, FalconSoft Ltd consulting services offer expertise on proven UI technologies such as: WPF, PRISM, MVVM.

To speed up development time we've a build solid expertise in leveraging third party components, from:

  • DevExpress
  • Infragistics
  • Telerik

Straight Through Processing - STP

Straight-through Processing ("STP") is a solution that automates the end-to-end processing of financial transactions. It involves use of a single system to process or control all elements of the work-flow of a financial transaction which spans through Front, Middle, and Back offices. In other words, STP can be defined as electronically capturing and processing transactions in one pass, from the point of first ‘deal’ to final settlement.

We offer Straight Through Processing (STP) solutions to integrate and automate your software applications with investment managers' mission critical counterparties: brokers , the DTCC, custodians, data sources, and other technologies:

Main benefits from building out reliable STP

  • Process clarity, transparency and visibility
  • Lower costs and fewer errors for trade execution, settlement, and reconciliation processes
  • Increased choice for our clients when selecting counterparties and service providers
  • Integrated data from industry-leading sources of security information

Grid and Cloud Computing

Grid computing combines computers from multiple administrative domains to reach a common goal, to solve a single task, and may then disappear just as quickly. One of the main strategies of grid computing is to use middleware to divide and apportion pieces of a program among several computers, sometimes up to many thousands. Grid computing involves computation in a distributed fashion, which may also involve the aggregation of large-scale cluster computing-based systems.

  • NGrid (Open source grid computing)
  • Tibco Grid
  • Windows HPC Server
  • Custom computing/grid Solutions

Enterprise Application Integration

FalconSoft Ltd - offers a full set of integration & consulting services. We develop middleware for stable and manageable business application integration, data connectors, deliver visualization/reporting tools and migration services allowing you to exploit your systems in a most productive way.

Usually companies own some "off-the-shelf" systems, and we are not rushing to replace them if no business needs for it. We can extend, adopt and integrate existing systems with new infrastructure.

Data Management

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Using complex event processing will help you to structure and contextualize available data so that it could inform trading behavior, specifically algorithmic trading, by identifying opportunities or threats that indicate traders (or automatic trading systems) should buy or sell. Algorithmic trading is a growing trend in competitive financial markets. CEP is expected to continue to help financial institutions improve their algorithms and be more efficient.

Today, a wide variety of financial applications use CEP for real time PnL, and risk management systems, order and liquidity analysis, quantitative trading and signal generation systems, and others. Most common technology solutions are designed on top of:

  • Microsoft StreamInsight
  • TIBCO Business Events
  • SAP Sybase Event Stream Processor
  • Custom Solutions with Reactive Extensions (RX)

Market Data, Reference Data

FalconSoft Ltd consultants recognize the importance of quick, reliable and transparent access to the external data sources and/or analytics. We spent a lot of time establishing reliable connections,caching, adapting and utilizing external sources to the proprietary systems in number of leading Investment Banks and/or Hedge Funds. We will highlight the following vendors:


  • Reference Data - Bloomberg Reference Data is powered by the largest database available to the market. With information for more than six million instruments, sophisticated analytical functionality and the ability to calculate custom returns based on client-specific inputs (overrides)
  • Real time Market Data
  • Historical Data
  • "What If" analytics or overrides

Third Party Analytics

Along with utilizing proprietary analytic/quant libraries, FalconSoft Ltd consultants have experience in adoption and integration of third party analytics libraries, like:

  • Quantifi - provides state of the art models, pricing tools, and risk analysis for the Global Capital Markets.
  • Numerix - Numerix is the leading independent analytics provider for derivatives and structured products, enabling the structuring, pre-trade pricing, valuation and management of even the most complex deals. We support all major asset classes, including fixed income, inflation, credit, equity, foreign exchange and commodity instruments, as well as hybrids (a unique feature of Numerix).
  • Intex - Intex provides deal cashflow models, analytics and structuring software for RMBS, ABS, CMBS, CDO, CLN and Covered Bond securities worldwide
Nearshore Outsourcing Services


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Software Development

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